“We provide all levels of design documentation.“

We have experience with the entire process of preparation and execution of the project. Our clients are provided with technical and expert assistance; we identify the client’s requirements and shape them into a design. We provide all stages of design documentation and necessary permits; we can assist you in the supplier selection process and also provide other designig and engineering activities.

We help you with the decision-making process associated with the project; we offer consultation services and elaborate feasibility studies, seeking new and effective possibilities.

We will assist you with the decision-making process concerning your energy sector investments by preparing conceptual designs and feasibility studies

Assessment of technical, economical, legal feasibility and time required for the business plan


We will prepare complete design documentation for all stages of the project (technological, electrical and I&C parts)

Documentation submitted with the application for issue of the urban planning decision, building permit, detailed design, as-built documentation and design changes

  • Technical design and descriptions with equipment parameters, while taking into account the environmental protection, occupational health and safety and economic efficiency of the project
  • Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams P&ID
  • Isometric drawings
  • Layouts, dimensional diagrams
  • Machinery and equipment lists and specifications
  • Technological process management systems design
  • Design of artificial lighting, internal heavy-current distribution systems, lightning conductors, external electrical distribution systems
  • Coordination of interfaces and securing project completeness
  • Documentation preparation

Technological part construction documentation
Calculations and analyses

  • Stress analyses of pipelines and supports, seismic calculations static and dynamic analyses according to ASME, EN, NTD ASI, while using ROHR2
  • Calculation of joints
  • Hydraulic calculation using PIPENET
  • Thermal calculations
  • Balance calculations
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics – CFD calculation method
  • Electrical projects – necessary illumination intensity calculations, calculations of short-circuit conditions and lightning conductors

3D model using AutoCAD Plant 3D

Energy audit

Construction organization project

Occupational health and safety plan

“We prefer systematic and structured approach to our work.“

Necessary Permits, Certificates and Declarations for Construction

  • Assurance of urban planning decision, building permit, integrated pollution prevention and control, negotiating and obtaining the approval of design documentation in compliance with the applicable legislation
  • Assurance of official expert examinations
  • Assurance of trial run permit and occupancy permit

Designer and Technical Supervision

  • Monitoring construction compliance with approved documentation
  • Monitoring compliance with design parameters
  • Design changes and claim management assessment and resolution

Consulting and Expert Reports in Energy Sector

  • Provision of necessary information and analyses according to the customer’s needs; creation of a suitable contractor model, safety, reliability and efficiency evaluation at various stages of the operation

We expanded our capabilities in the areas of design processes and calculations


ENSECO is constantly striving to grow and move forward. In 2019 we acquired a subsidiary KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ STRESS ANALYSIS GROUP, s. r. o. As a company focused on engineering activities, KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ SAG enhanced significantly the independence of our company in terms of design and engineering processes by aiding our company to offer a wider range of services in terms of both human resources and expertise. The services are focused on detailed designs, strength and seismic calculations, hydraulic calculations and other analyses. These services increase our competitiveness both on the domestic and foreign markets. Our team was expanded by experienced designers, calculation specialists, mechanical engineers, structural engineers and specialists in the field of valve, piping and steel structures calculations.

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