Quality Control

"We control technical quality of material, performance and documentation also at international level."

Execution, documentation and supervision

We control the performance and supplied material so that you get a top quality project or technology. In addition to works supervision and relevant inspections, we prepare complete quality documentation, starting with inspection and test plans, through WPS, WPQR, to classified equipment quality plans and accompanying technical documentation. Based on the certificates obtained by our inspection technicians, we are authorized to supervise manufacture and installation of pressure and gas equipment, as well as conduct pressure tests and revisions. We provide our services both in the EU, as well as in third countries, always in compliance with local standards and legislation.

Certified welders

One of the core services is welding, where we adhere to national, European and international standards. We provide not only welding, but also complete welding documentation, welding supervision and all necessary testing of weld joints, equipment and structures. We are ready to provide our welding activities both as a part of a service package, as well as a separate service.


photography by: Milo Zmrzly


PMI using in-house spectrometer

For the purposes of PMI (Positive Material Identification) we have procured our own mobile optical emission spectrometer (OES) – a portable laboratory instrument that provides quick and accurate classification of materials and accurate analysis of chemical composition of metallic materials directly under operational conditions. The spectrometer is equipped with a top quality ZEISS optical system with excellent resolution, allowing for accurate measurements of individual elements. Our employees have been specially trained for its operation.

Furthermore we specialize in:


  • Non-destructive testing of weld joints: visual examination (VT), penetrant test (PT), X-ray test (radiographic) (RT), ultrasonic volume test (UT), ultrasonic thickness testing of the material (UTT), leak test of welds (LT).
  • Positive material Identification (PMI) determining material composition by an in-house device.
  • Coordination and quality supervision of works and processes.
  • Configuration, creation and enhancement of quality control processes.
  • Inspections of lifting equipment and elevators, verification of equipment functionality and safety.
  • Inspections of electric equipment, proof of safety.