IT Services

“We can take care of the IT part of your project too. No need to outsource anything.”

Our IT services complete the entire work process. The idea takes shape of an application or a system in compliance with your requirements. We offer database systems operating experience, as well as consulting and finding optimal solutions. We provide these services also individually.

Programming is the final phase of development and assembly of the ordered technology, going hand in hand with the commissioning and supporting the control of all functional processes. Our clients appreciate that the IT part of their project is handled by the same company that planned, installed, tested and launched the project. Another indisputable advantage is time efficiency, as well as streamlined problem solving.

IT programming activities include

  • Visualization and control of technological processes via WinCCOA (Windows, Linux)
  • Custom software development (Windows, Linux)
  • Web apps
  • JAVA applications
  • Design and implementation of database systems: ORACLE, MySQL (Windows, Linux)
  • Installation and configuration of workstations and servers (Windows, Linux)
  • programming of PLC automata.

Other services

  • Design of corporate networks, namely LAN/WAN hardware networking, logical division design of LAN/WAN networks
  • Design and configuration of company servers, designing and implementing software server configurations, deploying domain messages mail servers, etc.
  • Administration of information systems
  • Delivery of custom hardware upon client’s request
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