Brand Kit

Materials for the correct use of the ENSECO brand

Manual for the use of the ENSECO brand

The ENSECO brand usage manual aims to inform the vision of our unified visual identity. It approximates our values, the tone of communication in both offline and online materials.

The brochure is designed in a size that can be printed even at the lowest costs on digital printing on SRA3+ paper medium (320 x 460 mm). The size of the page is 210 x 146 mm. The printed form of the brochure is prepared without color management. CMYK values ​​​​assume printing in COATED FOGRA39 (ISO 12647-2) D50 gamut.

The design manual of the brand is a very dynamic material. It assumes constant renewal, improvement. If you have found an error in the materials or need to supplement or discuss them, contact the brand manager at

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