Technological Units/Systems Commissioning

“Technological units commissioning requires highly-qualified employees. We have them.”

System commissioning breathes life into the installed equipment. These activities can be carried out only by a narrowly specialized group of employees, capable of organizing the commissioning works on these complex systems and making important technical decisions in the commissioning process. We know how to test and start up any technological system, regardless of whether it is a nuclear facility, non-nuclear power facility, or other technological equipment. Putting the equipment into operation will comprehensively end our work on your project, which will convince you of the quality of our implementation and organizational skills.

We provide:

  • Management of installation completion at the commissioning stage.
  • Development of post-installation cleaning operation programmes for piping systems.
  • Development of pressure test programmes required by SR and EU legislation.
  • Management and execution of post-installation cleaning operations.
  • Management and execution of piping systems and equipment pressure tests.
  • Development of individual test programmes for individual technical equipment classified into a technological unit/system: mechanical, electro and I&C.
  • Development of functional test programmes for technological units/systems across the professions.
  • Management and coordination of functional tests execution across the professions.
  • Development of commissioning time schedule taking into account all inputs and sequences.
  • Operative solution of problems that arise during the implementation and coordination of such volumes of work.
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