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All our references

VALVITALIA SPA organizačná zložka

(2021) Work with a Forklift in the Storage Areas of NPP Mochovce – Locality 11 – Mochovce NPP, Locality 11

TECHNOV spol. s r.o.

(2021) Welds on HVAC Piping – Mochovce NPP

ROEZ, s.r.o.

(2022) OES Spectral Analysis at EMO 34 – EMO 34, Mochovce NPP

Profi steel holding, s.r.o.

(2022) Support Services outside the Controlled Zone – MO12, Mochovce NPP

JANKA Radotín, a.s.

(2021-2022) VZTS – MAR Project Hot Water Heating CS 490/1-02 EMO – Delivery and Installation – MO12, Mochovce NPP


(2019) Crane Operator Provided for Works at MO34 – BaPP/Room no. 305 – EMO 34, Mochovce NPP

Indexa Italia 2 S.r.l.

(2020) Inspection of Process Pipeline – MONDI Ružomberok

EnergoConstruct spol. s r.o.

(2022) Electrical Equipment at CS 442/1-02, Repair of Damaged Electrical Installation. – Mochovce NPP

VZT – Systémy s.r.o.

(2023) Production of 11 Pieces of 3″ Threads on DN80 Pipes – Fire Water at EMO34, CS 442/1-02 DGS Box 6 – EMO 34, Mochovce NPP

(2020-2021) VZTS – Project MAR Hot Water Heating CS 490/1-02 EMO – MO12, Mochovce NPP

ŠKODA JS, a. s.

(2014 – ONGOING) Support for Construction and Coordination of Physical Interfaces – Mochovce NPP


(2021) Preparation of AB Documents: PNM34179309, PNM34179310_P01,P02, PNM34179311, PNM34179312 according to DDC-PNM3410099402 and delivered Supporting Documentation AB-common – EMO 34, Mochovce NPP

(2020) Processing of AB Documentation within the Scope of the Specified DDC – PNM3410102402 – EMO 34, Mochovce NPP

(2020) Completion of Design Documentation for Lightning Conductor and Earthing CS 442/1-10 based on TUV SUD Comments – “428/UT/CS-442/1-10-AZEX update” – EMO 34, Mochovce NPP


(2021 – ONGOING) Elaboration of Expert Opinions on Corrective Measures – Mochovce NPP

(2023 – ONGOING) Production of 16 Chambers with Lids for 1,2TK21,22,23W01 Cooler – Temelín NPP

(2023) Welding of 24 Transition Pieces – ENSECO workshop

(2021) IPR M20005 – Preparation of Documentation for Power Supply for HP Boron Pumps Actuators (1,2KDD11,12AP001) – MO12, Mochovce NPP


(2023) Delivery of Stainless Material – Mochovce NPP

(2022) Production of a Blind Flange with a Welded-On Piece – EMO 34, Mochovce NPP

(2022) Preparation of Construction Documentation for the Tank Lid – EMO 34, Mochovce NPP


(2008) Automation Systems Replacement – Units 3&4, Jaslovské Bohunice NPP, V2

(2007) Automation Systems Replacement Units 3&4, Jaslovské Bohunice NPP, V2

(2003) Pumps’ and Valves’ Automation System Reconstruction in the Central Pumping Station of Jaslovské Bohunice NPP, V-1 – Co-operation in the Project Development – Jaslovské Bohunice

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ČEZ, a. s.

(2023 – ONGOING) Replacement of Air Receivers DG 7-12 – Dukovany NPP

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Svet zdravia, a. s.

(2021-2022) Installation of the Decay Tank Technology – NNG Bory, Bratislava

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Doosan Škoda Power s.r.o

(2023 – ONGOING) Installation of a Soundproof Box – Mochovce NPP

(2021-2022) Manufacture of 2 Stands – Mochovce NPP

(2020-2021) Replacement of TCS system – Modifications of BIS, WEPAS – MO12, Mochovce NPP

(2019) Modification of VTH Pipes for TG31,32,41,42 Turbines at Mochovce NPP – EMO 34, Mochovce NPP

(2019) 19SL15 – Installation Works at MO34 NPP – EMO 34, Mochovce NPP

(2019) Installation of Seismic Stops – EMO 34, Mochovce NPP

VÚJE, a. s.

(2018 – ongoing) Severe Accidents Management – Long Term Heat Removal from Hermetic Zone – Part – Modification of Terminals for Flooding the Containment, Units 1 and 2 – NPP Mochovce

(2008) Technical Support for the Reconstruction of Jaslovské Bohunice NPP (V1) – Unit 2 – Functional Technological Systems: ECS, FEUR, DG, E6K, ERN

(2003) Cooperation in Feasibility Study Preparation Concerning the MADAM S System Replacement – Mochovce

(2002 – 2003) Technical Support for the Reconstruction ofV1 NPP – Unit 2 – Function-oriented Technological Systems: ECS, FEUR, DG, E6K, ERN – Jaslovské Bohunice

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Mondi SCP, a. s.

(2021-2022) Mechanical Installation of a New Heat A-Condensate Exchanger – Ružomberok

(2021) Repair of Steam Condensate Piping RK3 – Ružomberok

(2020-2021) Replacement of Fiber Line Piping, Instalaltion of Connecting Points – Water for DNCG, Replacement of Flow Meters – Ružomberok

(2019) Delivery and Installation of Piping in Area 38 – Ružomberok

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(2022 – 2023) Modification of Tanks and Suction Lines – Mochovce NPP

(2022) Punching – EMO 34, Mochovce NPP

(2021) Modification of 2 Units – EMO 34, Mochovce NPP

(2021) Prefabrication in the Workshop – Mochovce NPP

DUSLO, a. s.

(2022 – ONGOING) New LP Liquid Ammonia Tank – Control and Inspection Activities – Šaľa

(2023-ONGOING) Modernisation of the Natural Gas Heating – PD – Šaľa

(2022-2023) K8 Boiler Duslo – Mechanical Part including Design Documentation Preparation – Šaľa

(2022 – ONGOING) Liquid Ammonia Heating – Šaľa

(2021) Boiler K8 – Steam Production based on Natural Gas – Assembly and Insulation – Šaľa

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Vaillant Industrial Slovakia, s. r. o.

(2022) Plotting the Technology Condition Using 3D Scanner – Trenčianske Stankovce

(2022) Expert Advice in the Field of CTE – Gas Equipment – Trenčianske Stankovce

(2022) Provision of Spare Parts for Technical Gas Pressure Stations – Trenčianske Stankovce

(2021) Modification of Methane and Propane Pressure Stations – Design, Installation and Dismantling – Trenčianske Stankovce

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Slovenské Elektrárne, a. s.

(2009 – ONGOING) Completion of Mochovce NPP, Units 3&4 – Technological Part

(2023 – ONGOING) IPR M20049 – Replacement of Valves for Emergency H2 Bleeding

(2023 – ONGOING) IPR B20013 – Modification of the Demineralized Water Pumps’ Automation Systems

(2023 – ONGOING) IPR M20058 – Replacement of Non-System Switchboards’ Circuit Breakers

(2023 – ONGOING) B2001 -Power Supply of Ventilation Fans

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NAFTA, a.s.

(2023) Restoration of RK2,3 TEG Regenerators – Láb

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KLIMAK, s. r. o.

(2022) Implementation of Works on the HVAC Units Control System in accordance with the Design Documentation – Mochovce NPP

(2021) Preparation/Modification of Documentation for HVAC Units Control – Mochovce NPP

(2019-2021) Provision of Power Supply for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Units – Mochovce NPP

SES BOHEMIA ENGINEERING, a. s., Česká republika

(2018-2019) Welding Activities – Project 2M20A – EMO 34, Mochovce NPP

(2018) Cable Supporting Systems Welding, Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant – Mochovce

UNI-MONT, montážne práce s. r. o.

(2018) Modification of Turbine Accessories during the EBO 3 Shutdown – Welding Works – Jaslovské Bohunice

Centrum pre vedu a výskum, s. r. o.

(2019) Data Transfer from Radiation Control IS to ORACLE EMO12 for the Needs of Emergency Control Centre IS (Aramis, Este, Wepas) – MO12, Mochovce NPP

(2018) Data Transfer from CRCS to DISE and ORACLE Emergency Control Centre – MO12, Mochovce NPP

ZAT, a. s., Česká republika

(2017 – 2021) Safety Systems Modernization and Innovation, Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant – Mochovce


(2010 – 2015) Completion of Units 3&4, NPP Mochovce – Electro Part of the Civil Structures

VÚEZ, a. s.

(2003) Modification of the Main Control Room HVAC System – Mochovce NPP, Units 1&2 – Detailed Design Development and its Execution

Ing. Peter Čarný – ABmerit s. r. o.

(2010) Data Transfer Network Completion for Newly Built Emergency Control Centre of Mochovce NPP – Investment Project no.: IPR RSE 925 05 – Mochovce


(2004) Boric Acid Collecting System in SG (Steam Generator) Box – Mochovce NPP, Units 1&2 (Documentation, Functional Test) – Mochovce

(2004) Technical Support during Safety Injection and Residual Heat Removal within the Scope of Pre-operational and Commissioning Testing – Mochovce

SAT Systémy automatizačnej techniky, spol. s. r. o.

(2023-ONGOING) Innovation of HW and SW Equipment of PI System – Mochovce NPP

(2020-2021) IPR M19051 – EMO Electric Boiler – New Source for Providing SRV Support Services and Steam Supply for EMO, Unit 2, Simulator – MO12, Mochovce NPP

(2011) HW/SW Environment for Transfer of Technological Parameters – Investment Project no.: IPR 464 00 – Mochovce

(2010 – 2012) Replacement of the Top Level regarding the Control and Information System for HVAC and Auxiliary Systems – Mochovce NPP, Units 1&2; Investment Project no.: IPR EMO 25 100 – Mochovce

Jadrová vyraďovacia spoločnosť a. s.

(2007) Investment Project no.: IPR JAV02011 – Compressed Air Station – Jaslovské Bohunice

(2007) Electric Systems Repairs at Jaslovské Bohunice NPP, V-1- Jaslovské Bohunice

(2007) 110kV Substation Repair – DPS 822.2, Field no. 5,6; Ballast Underlay Repair for 220kV Substation – Jaslovské Bohunice NPP,

110kV Substation Repair – DPS 822.2, Field no. 5,6; Ballast Underlay Repair for 220kV Substation – Jaslovské Bohunice NPP, Unit 2

SIEMENS s. r. o.

(2016 – 2018) Unit’s Information System Signals Transmission, Supplementation of UIS Data Model, Testing for Units 1 and 2, Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant – Mochovce

(2006) Primary and Secondary Circuits’ Automation Systems – Unit 4 (3rd System) and Unit 3 (2nd System), Jaslovské Bohunice NPP, V2

(2006) Engineering – Part of RTIS ROVE SE Project – Jaslovské Bohunice

(2005 – 2006) Engineering – Part of RTIS ROVE Project – Mochovce

(2005) Replacement of Primary and Secondary Circuits’ Automation Systems – Unit 3,Jaslovské Bohunice NPP, V2 – Jaslovské Bohunice

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