About us

Introducing ENSECO, a. s.

Established to fill a niche

The establishment of ENSECO was closely connected to the commissioning of Units 1 and 2 of the Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant. Nuclear power plant commissioning requires highly specialized experts and engineers with practical experience in the field. Even though there were such people on the job market, they were dispersed. Accepting the challenge, we put together a group of specialists extensively experienced in the nuclear power industry in Slovakia and also abroad. This laid a solid foundation of ENSECO and today, there is a well-established, renowned and respected company built upon it.

“We are building a world powered by safe, affordable and green energy.”

We do not live in the past, we are changing and improving the present

Our goal is to build a world powered by safe, affordable and environmentally friendly energy. In our view, nuclear power meets all of these criteria. Through continuous improvement, accepting new challenges and broadening our scope of services, we strive to take care of as much of the nuclear power plant construction process as possible. We guarantee highly conscientious approach, uncompromising quality and attention to detail.

“Today, we are able to substitute many of our subcontractors with our own resources.”

From design to start-up

Our specialized team of technicians will take care of the entire turnkey contract – from preparation and elaboration of the detailed design, through supplies, execution, project and installation coordination, up to actual commissioning and maintenance of the nuclear power plant. For each step, we provide qualified experts ready to put their vast experiences to use. Your project will be another challenge they will readily accept.

“We often deal with problems that others do not want to or cannot resolve.”

We know what we do, because we do what we know

Our clients entrust us daily with a plethora of problems and we never say: “we cannot help you“. On the contrary, we face them with conceptual solutions. We have never encountered a problem so difficult that we would give up and seek someone else to correct or finish our job. And we are proud to share this fact with you.

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