Technical Preparation of Construction, Mounting, Machining and Installation Works

“We schedule, coordinate and execute the installation. Our expert welders and workshop fitters are at your disposal.”

Versatile cross-sector services

Even though we have established our market position as a company specialized in testing and commissioning of nuclear facilities, our portfolio contains also activities associated with construction and manufacture preparation, manufacture and installation. We offer these activities also as a stand-alone service in any engineering sector (also outside the scope of energy sector). We provide installation and manufacturing schedule, as well as logic sequencing and coordination of individual works with links to functional and complex testing within the frame of applicable legislation and client’s requirements.

We have our own fully equipped shop

Preparatory, pre-assembly, manufacture and machining works are carried out at our own manufacture site by highly qualified, certified and multilingual employees at all levels of our activities. Our services include manufacture of thermal insulations of technological equipment and subsequent installation of the insulation by our in-house fitters. The thermal insulation is manufactured by our own technology directly at our manufacture sites ENSECO, a. s.

Services within the scope of technical preparation of construction

Technical Preparation of Construction

  • Technical solutions design in compliance with applicable legislation
  • Price quotations, time and material calculations, time schedule preparation
We prepare:
  • Technological procedures and safe work practices in compliance with Decree no. 124/2006 Coll. and 147/2013 Coll.
  • Welding documentation in compliance with IS0 9000:2015, STN EN 3834, STN EN 14731 – pWPS, WPS.
  • Classified equipment installation, refurbishment and repairs procedures in compliance with Decree no. 430/2011 Coll.
  • Selected technical equipment installation, refurbishment and repairs procedures – pressure, gas and lifting equipment – in compliance with Decree no. 508/2009 Coll.
  • Welding procedures for manufacture and installation activities.
  • Post-installation cleaning operation programmes for technological equipment, circuits and units of selected technical equipment – pressure and gas – in compliance with Decree no. 508/2009 Coll. and classified technical equipment in compliance with Decree no. 430/2011 Coll.
  • Pressure test programmes for technological equipment, circuits and units of selected technical equipment – pressure and gaseous – in compliance with Decree no. 508/2009 Coll. and classified technical equipment in compliance with Decree no. 430/2011 Coll.
  • programs of functional tests of technological devices, circuits and units of reserved technical pressure and gas equipment according to decree 508/2009 Coll. and classified technical equipment in compliance with Decree no. 430/2011 Coll.
We carry out:
  • Welding coordination according to STN EN 3834 – EWE/IWE and EWT/IWT.
  • Internal surfaces inspection of equipment, circuits and units by industrial videoscope.
  • Liquid medium flow rate measurement by portable ultrasonic flow meter for DN15 – DN700.
  • Technical supervision for manufacture, installation, refurbishment, repairs and testing activities.

Assembly Management and Performance

  • Workshop based welding, metal-working and pipe-fitting.
  • Manufacture of piping insulation by in-house machine and subsequent installation
  • Metallurgical products and components machining, class 1-9: parting, cutting, bending, lathe-turning, milling, drilling, grinding
  • Semi-products and components manufacture for power, chemical and food processing industries
  • Plasma cutting, autogenous cutting
  • Pre-assembly fabrication of technological equipment, units and steel structures according to the technical documentation
  • Technological equipmentrepairs and refurbishment for power, chemical and food processing industries
  • Pressure vessel design, manufacture, installation, dismantling, certification and servicing according to Decree no. 508/2009 and PED 2014/68/EU
  • Pressure and gas equipment installation and dismantling
  • Design, manufacture, refurbishment and dismantling of pipelines made of carbon and stainless steel
  • Design, installation, dismantling and servicing of gas and pressure equipment (regulation stations, gas boilers, heat exchanger stations)
  • Manufacture, installation and dismantling of steel structures, load platforms and roofing including civil activities
  • Orbital welding
  • professional inspections and professional tests of pressure, gas and lifting equipment according to Decree 508/2009.

Manufacture and installation of piping insulations

For this purpose, we procured a high quality machine for the production of sheet metal parts for thermal insulation. This machine has all the attributes of the latest technology. A dedicated team was trained to work with this special equipment and improve its expertise:

  • We offer complex sheet metal working services including surveying, bidding, consultancy, material supply and installation of sheet metal systems plus warranty and post-warranty service.
  • We manufacture thermal insulation, cold insulation, HVAC distribution systems including surface finish with heat saving, environmental protection, as well as health and safety measures to prevent burn injuries in mind.
  • In sheet metal insulation manufacturing, we use the latest technology, specifically, the Swiss-made MABI Bingo 16-Z EVO, MABI Logo, MABI 4B and MABI 4QS.
  • Further sheet metal parts processing is done using METALLKRAFT® equipment and equipment procured from První hanácká BOW, spol. s r. o., Bři Švarcové, s. r. o., SEMET, s. r. o., etc.
  • The use of high-quality devices and technological equipment is the first prerequisite for performing first-class work. You can really rely on us in this regard.

The engineering part does not comprise only of construction aspects, but also technical preparation of works and machinery equipment. We manage the project in its entirety, as well as provide final inspections. Our welders have:

  • Welding certificates for welding of materials (classes 1 – 8), using welding methods: 111, 141, 141 – orbital welding.
  • Welding certificates for pressure equipment welding in compliance with directive PED 2014/68/EU Annex 1,3.1.2. 3.1.2.
Plate bending machineBench grinderCompressorValves sealing and bearing surfaces repair manipulator
Sheet metal folding machineBench drilling machinePlasmaRotating machines alignment equipment
Hydraulic pressHydraulic cutting shearsBand sawRotating machines diagnostic tool
Centre latheOverhead crane (5 t)Welding workstationNoise diagnostics
Milling machineLevel shearsPacking and gasket cutter 

Services related to valves, operation, maintenance and repair of rotating machines

  • Preparation of sealing programmes, torque calculations, designing gaskets – NOVADISC 7
  • Manufacture of flat gaskets novaphit®MST up to ø1450, larger dimensions by waterjet cutting
  • Diagnostics of rotating machines, valves and bearing- CMMS®CHECKER 2, SONAPHONE Pocket (workers are certified by DIAGO Brezno), vibration diagnostics VIBER X2, LUTRON VT-8204
  • Alignment, mounting of rotating machine frames by means of digital levelling instrument, inspections of alignment of rotating machines conducted by Fixturlaser EVO I-0934
  • Reconditioning of mechanical seals, sealing faces of valves – planar and conical (DN8 – DN150), gate valves, check valves, flanges (DN40 – DN350) and (DN200 – DN700)
  • Repairs, reconditioning and maintenance of rotating machines and equipment, replacement of gaskets, oil and bearings
  • Technical support and expertise during commissioning of new and reconditioned rotating machines and equipment, trial run and functional tests
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