Complex turnkey services
The scope of our services is diverse even though we were established as a company focused on nuclear facilities commissioning. However, this has never limited us. We wanted to be involved in preparation of detailed designs, as well as in managing, planning and actively working on design realization. We replaced our subcontractors with our own resources and today, we offer compex services not only to the nuclear power industry, but also to the energy and engineering industry in general.

“We offer who we are today.”

Project Management

“After design development, we take care of supplies, installation, testing and start-up of the entire system.”

We offer project management for all types of jobs from a simple delivery up to complex EPC contracts. Project managers work closely together, supported by the company management. When managing international projects, we can provide experts able to communicate in English.


“We provide all levels of design documentation.”

We have experience with the entire process of preparation and execution of the project. Our clients are provided with technical and expert assistance; we identify the client’s requirements and shape them into a design. We provide all stages of design documentation and necessary permits; we can assist you in the supplier selection process and also provide other designig and engineering activities.

We help you with the decision-making process associated with the project; we offer consultation services and elaborate feasibility studies, seeking new and effective possibilities.

Computational design activity

"Computational activity is the basis for the functioning of all projects. That is also why it forms an important part of our service portfolio."

Thanks to the subsidiary company KP SAG, we can handle all the necessary design calculations in-house. An experienced team of designers and computer engineers covers the service not only in the field of nuclear services, but also in the areas of the chemical and petrochemical industry, in the field of classical energy and water management facilities. Thanks to professional, calculation and design services, we can be a valuable partner for multinational nuclear companies, but also a co-partner for domestic or foreign companies that lack a responsible partner in the field of project calculations. This sector of services can also be used as a separate service, or as part of the complex management of our client’s project.

Technical Preparation of Construction, Mounting, Mechanical and Installation Works

“We schedule, coordinate and execute the installation. Our expert welders and workshop fitters are at your disposal.”

Even though we have established our market position as a company specialized in testing and commissioning of nuclear facilities, our portfolio contains also activities associated with construction and manufacture preparation, manufacture and installation. We offer these activities also as a stand-alone service in any engineering sector (also outside the scope of energy sector). We provide installation and manufacturing schedule, as well as logic sequencing and coordination of individual works with links to functional and complex testing within the frame of applicable legislation and client’s requirements.

Quality Control

“We ensure quality of material, performance and documentation also at the international level.”

We control the performance and supplied material so that you get a top quality project or technology. In addition to works supervision and relevant inspections, we prepare complete quality documentation, starting with inspection and test plans, through WPS, WPQR, to classified equipment quality plans and accompanying technical documentation. Based on the certificates obtained by our inspection technicians, we are authorized to supervise manufacture and installation of pressure and gas equipment, as well as conduct pressure tests and revisions. We provide services within and outside the EU countries. Always in such a way that they correspond to the standards and legislation of the given country.

Technological Units/Systems Commissioning

“Technological units commissioning requires highly-qualified employees. We have them.”

System commissioning breathes life into the installed equipment. These activities can be carried out only by a narrowly specialized group of employees, capable of organizing the commissioning works on these complex systems and making important technical decisions in the commissioning process. We know how to test and start up any technological system, regardless of whether it is a nuclear facility, non-nuclear power facility, or other technological equipment.

IT Services

“We can take care of the IT part of your project too. No need to outsource anything.”

Our IT services complete the entire work process. The idea takes shape of an application or a system in compliance with your requirements. We offer database systems operating experience, as well as consulting and finding optimal solutions. We provide these services also individually.

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