Our success is driven by our people

The expertise of our employees increases with each challenging project. Nowadays we can carry out the previously outsourced activities in-house. By organizing regular training, our employees are provided with ample oportunities to grow professionally.

Introducing the management of ENSECO

Ing. Michal Hrdina

CEO +421 36 637 5100

Ing. Dalibor Práznovský

COO +421 36 637 5300

Ing. Monika Hrušovská

CFO and HR Manager +421 36 637 5900

Board of Directors of ENSECO, a. s.

Ing. Vladimír Práznovský

Chairman of the Board

“I wish we remained a company about which people say: You can rely on them, they know what they’re doing and they do it well.”

He was there, when ENSECO was founded and was a part of a narrowly specialized team for commissioning of Units 1 and 2 at the Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant. After achieving this goal he remained in the nuclear energy sector, managing all of the company’s large projects and personally participating in their completion. To him, nuclear power is the future. Conceptual solutions and troubleshooting belong to his domain, but he is focused mainly on nuclear power plant commissioning. For this reason you are most likely to meet him in the area of the power plant.

Ing. Jozef Guba

Chief Operating Officer

“Our strength is our people, who make the core of all technical and engineering activities.”

He worked in the nuclear power industry all his life. As Deputy Director, he managed the construction of Units 1 and 2 of the Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant. At ENSECO he is responsible for the Technical Preparation and Realization Unit. He is proud of the fact that the company evolved into one of the largest suppliers of services in the nuclear energy sector in Slovakia. His goal is to further broaden the company’s services portfolio. He sees the future of the entire company in complex activities and is responsible for extending the scope of mechanical assembly services, thanks to which the company was able to move to a higher level of customer service provision.

Ing. Jozef Valach

Member of the Board

“ENSECO is capable of succeeding also in other than nuclear projects. Everything new, unknown, little and big pushes us forward.”

He was Director of the Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant during the phase of construction and commissioning of the Units 1 1. and 2. He was also there, when the idea to found ENSECO was born . Nuclear power became a part of his life. In his view, once you see a nuclear power plant from within, you will fall in love with it and it will become your lifelong passion. At present, he manages the Business and Economical Unit at ENSECO overseeing financial health of the company.

Our departments are led by experienced managers

Ing. Michal Hanes
Technical Quality Control +421 36 637 5950

Ing. Branislav Havlik
Quality Assurance, Head of IMS and Registry Office Department, Environment Manager +421 36 637 5346

Mgr. Branislav Béreš
Business and Contractual Relations +421 36 637 5400

Ing. Peter Malík
Technical Preparation and Realization of Technological Part +421 36 637 5320

Ing. Peter Matula
Engineering +421 36 637 5712

Ing. Eduard Sivák
Technical Preparation and Realization of Electrical Part +421 36 637 5811

Ing. Roman Soubusta
Manufacture and Assembly +421 36 637 5322

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