Decay Tank for Svet zdravia, a. s.

Project duration: August 2021 – December 2022

For the company Svet zdravia, a. s., we designed, supplied, implemented and commissioned the technology for processing waste from the Department of Nuclear medicine. The implementation of the decay tank with respective technology included connecting pipelines, pumping stations, pumps, shut-off valves, technological switchboards, system of continuous monitoring and evaluation of the condition in the decay tank in a designated area outside the building and the control software for operators in the control room.

We implemented the project together with the subcontractor – NUVIA, a. s.

“By producing tanks for radioactive waste together with the necessary decay tank technology, we enabled Svet zdravia, a. s., to dispose of the nuclear waste safely.”

Our activities:

  • Supporting structures
  • 3 tanks with the volume of 10m3
  • Pumping station
  • Pipes
  • Valves
  • Pumps
  • Volumetric activity detectors
  • Control panel
  • Cabling
  • Server
  • Software
  • Functional tests


employees engaged in the project


tons of used material (steel,..)


executed pressure and functional tests


pages of accompanying technical documentation

Project result

The radioactive waste treatment technology we delivered for Svet zdravia, a. s., is an important part of any nuclear medicine facility. Together with the subcontractor NUVIA, a. s., we provided the client with comprehensive solution including delivery, installation and legalization, which will enable safe disposal of radioactive waste in compliance with applicable legislation.

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