VÚJE, a. s.

(2018 – ONGOING) Mochovce

Severe Accidents Management – Long Term Heat Removal System from Hermetic Zone at Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant, Units 1 and 2

(2021) MO12, Mochovce NPP

Modifications of the EMO12 Simulator – Modifications in the BIS Information System

(2020) EMO 34, Mochovce NPP

Measurement of 8 Pipe Sections at Unit 4 using the OES Analyzer

(2018) MO12, Mochovce NPP

Addition of Signals to BIS via the SAM I&C Interface

(2017) MO12, Mochovce NPP

Implementation of Signals from Condensate Quantity Measurement Systems into the BIS 1,2 System

(2008) Jaslovské Bohunice

Technical Support for the Reconstruction of Jaslovské Bohunice NPP (V1) – Unit 2 – Functional Technological Systems: ECS, FEUR, DG, E6K, ERN

(2003) Mochovce

Cooperation in Feasibility Study Elaboration Concerning MADAM S System Replacement

(2002 – 2003) Jaslovské Bohunice

Technical Support during Modernization and Safety Increase Programmes Implementation – Jaslovské Bohunice NPP, V-2 (Electro-part Documentation)

(2001 – 2002) Mochovce

Post-Accident Monitoring System (PAMS) for Units 1&2 – Mochovce NPP – Cooperation in System Completion

(2001) Mochovce

Technical Support during the Repair of Diesel Generators’ Exciters and Protections at the Mochovce NPP – Units 1&2

(1998 – 1999) Jaslovské Bohunice

Technical Support during Reconstruction of Jaslovské Bohunice NPP – V-1, Units 1&2 in the course of the General Overhaul in: 1999 and 2000 (Works & Documentation)

(1998) Mochovce

Technical Support during Power Start-Up of the Unit 1

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