Major Conferences have been Cancelled

However, ENSECO is preparing for future events

The Covid-19 pandemic impacted all areas of business life and the nuclear power industry is no exception. International conferences, meetings, presentations and workshops were cancelled for the time being, long-planned events postponed their dates.

During 2020, ENSECO planned to attend the World Nuclear Exhibition 2020 in Paris. Our participation at this conference is of great value to us, as it is expected that the event will host more than 730 exhibitors from 65 countries. The planned June date was cancelled due to safety measures and organizers postponed this event to December 2020. However, most recently the organizers informed us that they had decided to cancel the event completely in 2020, due to increasingly worsening situation considering Covid-19. The new date for 2021 is yet to be announced and we can only hope that the pandemic will not affect it again.

We believe that the situation around the Covid-19 pandemic will calm down and won’t interfere with the schedule of events for 2021. We are counting on our attendance at another significant world nuclear forum – the ATOMEXPO 2021 in Sochi.

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