Vibrodiagnostics has been added to the portfolio of project quality inspection services

Vibrodiagnostics has been added to the portfolio of project quality inspection services

We are pleased to inform you today that we have strengthened the area of technical quality inspection of projects and documentation. At ENSECO, our goal is to deliver the highest possible quality of implemented projects. We achieve this by uncompromisingly paying attention to every little detail of them. When checking the quality of materials and work performed, on equipment or complexes of equipment, our experienced staff will perform vibration analyses, thermovision and ultrasound measuring to a larger extent, much more accurately and faster now.

This will be enabled by the ADASH VA5PRO device, which ensures the collection and immediate analysis of a large number of parameters, such as analysis of vibrations, levelling and deformation, fault detection, sound and ultrasound analysis, stethoscope, and lubrication monitoring, among many others. It helps to perform more accurate and faster measurements, faster evaluation even on the spot, predictive maintenance programs and analysis of all information, continuously in time when necessary, using the most modern software.

Vibrodiagnosis is performed by us often. It is part of tests of rotating machines, devices and bearings. Wherever something new is installed or the condition of operating equipment evaluated. The activities we offer start with post-assembly inspections. However, we are equally good at diagnosing devices even during their operation.

The places where we collect data are sometimes not specified by the equipment manufacturer. Even in such a situation, thanks to the rich experience of our employees, we now know how to identify ideal places and create, for example, an inspection plan. A new feature is long-term data collection, in which we can propose predictive maintenance and service operations. We incorporate all the information into the project documentation or, for example, related operating regulations.

What will this change bring you? By selecting and correctly setting up machines with rotating parts, we first of all help prevent large accidents and occupational injuries. Smooth and reliable operation of equipment saves costs. On-site analysis of specific equipment shows which pieces of equipment need to be repaired, overhauled or completely replaced. The same applies to individual parts. Repairs then need to be done less often. We help prevent the secondary costs that are caused by outages due to activity interruptions and are associated with large accidents.

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