Restoration of RK2,3 TEG Regenerators for Nafta, a. s.

Project duration: 2023, April – October

On the basis of an investment from the company Nafta, a. s., we performed for PPA ENERGO, s. r. o., a successful replacement of the TEG regenerators. The project consisted of the entire process from dismantling to installation, testing and, finally, documentation preparation. The main objective was the replacement of the RK2-3 TEG regenerators with one new TEG regenerator, which would regenerate triethylen glycol for absorption columns AK2 and AK3.

“We helped Nafta, a.s. achieve more efficient operations with lower emissions.”

Our activities:

  • Technological part of the job
  • Dismantling
  • Technology delivery and installation
  • Preparation of the supporting steel structure
  • Insulation and coating works
  • Pressure and function testing
  • Legalization and development of accompanying technical documentation
Illustrative image of reference from Nafta on

Project result

The replaced TEG regenerator for absorption columns AK2 and AK3 is a more effective solution than the previous two RK2-3 regenerators. In addition, the client anticipates a reduction in emissions with the proposed technology.

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