XI International Forum ATOMEXPO 2019

We followed up on visits from previous years, strengthened business relations and opened the door to new, important contacts.

This forum is a world-renowned platform for government officials, representatives of major companies, public organizations and international experts, who assemble annually to discuss hot topics related to innovative development based on implementation of nuclear technology. The forum took place in Sochi 15. on April 15-16, 2019.

The forum’s program spurred a lively debate on the contribution of advanced nuclear technology to the fight against climate change, achieving sustainable development goals and other relevant issues for the nuclear industry. The forum organized a plenary session, thematic round tables and panel discussions with a wide range of representatives from different countries around the world. The organizers also prepared an impressive exposition presenting the greatest achievements of the global nuclear industry.

ENSECO participated in the forum with the goal to present our activities to the professional public, strengthen existing partnerships and expand our network of international contacts. We were represented by Mr. Jozef Valach, Chief Financial Officer of the company and Mr. Michal Hrdina, Manager of the Business and Contractual Relations Department.

The result of our participation in the forum was the opening of direct negotiations with Rosatom Energy International on our participation in tenders associated with the Turkish project AKKUYU. Our visit followed a series of previous appearances in 2018 as an exhibitor and in 2017 as a participant.

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